Basic Methods for Successful Social Media Entrepreneurs!

Basic Methods for Successful Social Media Entrepreneurs!

As the visionary behind the OHM Expo, I get asked a lot how we created a successful online business. Primarily all of the Expo’s success has to do with its social media presence. We realized early on the power of social media and spent many hours learning to master the techniques that other social media entrepreneurs have used to garner success in their businesses.

It was by no means easy to collect all of the pieces to this puzzle, but with enough perseverance we cracked the code to social media marketing. Here are some of the best methods we learned along our journey.

The Big 3 of Social Media

If you don’t have a presence on at least one of the big 3 of social media then you can pretty much guarantee your hurting your businesses traffic. Now a days the primary form of advertising for most current start up businesses is social media. TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Magazines are becoming a thing of the past. The world is moving onward into a complete digital integration of everything we do in life. These older forms of advertising are dying away and losing traction as more and more people use their smart phone and smart watch for all of their consumer data content. With Augmented Reality (AR) on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time (perhaps 2020?) before people will be reading magazines and watching virtual tv’s with a pair of AR Glasses.

There are 3 big social media giants that you should be perfecting your presence on to get your business in the spot light. The Big 3 are; Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s best to have a big presence on all three and cross posting the same content across all three platforms. You can easily do this by intending from the beginning to make one article and one video that can be used on all three social media sites as well as your own website blog.

Make sure you are using a business account on social media whenever possible. It may seem like you get more interaction on your personal account, but don’t fall for that mistake. In order to become successful on social media your going to need to pay for ads. Lots of people don’t like the idea of buying ads on social media and wish the world would go back to the days of organic traffic. But the truth is that will never happen again. Organic traffic is a thing of the past. There are so many people online fighting to be seen that organic traffic is just no longer possible. Besides, using ads allows you to garner far more traffic than you could have in the early days of organic traffic without it, and you can target the right people that are more likely to become paying customers. So don’t waste your valuable time using your personal page to promote your business when you could be building a huge following of social proof on your business page. 

If you don’t know how to run ads on social media then learn or pay someone to do it for you. It’s totally worth it. Running ads is fairly simple, but you have to expect to test a lot through trial and error to see what works for your business. It doesn’t work over night, very rarely do people get lucky on their first try. Most people give up. Like most things in life it takes time to dial in the correct combination of ingredients into your ads for them to start bringing in the money. 

The number one priority for you is to make sure that the landing page you are directing people to from your ad, needs to be collecting emails. Emails are an online business’s gold. If you have emails then you have possible customers that might be willing to fork up some cash for what ever you have to offer them. Once you have someone’s email you can sell them something over and over again. So this is a very important piece of the puzzle. 

In order to collect someone’s email address you need to give away something that has value for free, be it an E-Book or a Wallpaper. It’s best to give away something digital that doesn’t cost you anything to make. Get creative and find out what is in high demand and related to your business by moving someone closer to buying from you.

If your interested in One-On-One training or having our team run ads for you then contact us here. We’re always happy to help!

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