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Jody Rose, author, MA, MFA, is a crystal intuitive, Heartmath Provider, conscious voice channel, and emotional healer. You can expect an honest, heart-centered reading with the oracle deck Words of Truth. I am a voice channel during these readings for you, telling you what you are meant to hear at that specific time.
During your reading, you will also have the chance to experience Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime Crystals, a very rare crystal from the Silent Grove area of New South Wales, Australia. Aboriginal Dreamtime Crystals will show you images in their crystals that only you are meant to see. This is one way they communicate with you. Aboriginal Dreamtime Crystals raise your frequency. They help you to examine yourself closely (which includes the construct of who you think you are) in order to transcend into the only thing that is realโ€” Love.
Handmade crystal jewelry, crystal cleansing sprays, orgonite, power crystals, and more.


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