MAGE – Magi Alliance of Gods of Earth

MAGE – Magi Alliance of Gods of Earth Claimed



Mission Statement: Unifying all spiritual and scientific understandings of reality to create synergistic systems through universal exploration for the evolution of humankind.
MAGE Pupose: We have the ambition to bring conscious spiritual awareness through the study of religion & spiritual practices, recognizing that all religions are one in the same. MAGE aligns ourselves with Animism’s organized religious sect. We value the freedom to engage in all forms of spiritual, shamanistic, and magickal practices of the world. Our faith is the universal belief in spirit and Divinity residing in all that exists.
Our belief system is: Animism. Though Animism is a vast and varied spiritual group, MAGE is bound together by a few commonly held beliefs in our Church. These basic values can be stated simply as:
Animism is the belief that animals, plants, rivers, mountains, and all entities in nature contain an inner spiritual essence. Animism has many forms, which reflect the geographical environment, the religious or spiritual cultural history, and the distinct worldview of the people groups who practice its various expressions.
Animism: We recognize that spirit runs through everything in existence & that all spirits can be communed with.

…Within Animism we acknowledge; Pantheism: Everything in existence is Divine.

…And within Pantheism we acknowledge; Polytheism: There are many Gods & Spirits within all of existence, which are Divine.

…And within Polytheism we acknowledge; Monotheism: All Gods & Spirits are of one God and Spirit which is Divine.

…And within Monotheism we acknowledge; Pantheism: God includes all the universe, as a part though not the whole of its being, which is Divine.

…And within Pantheism we acknowledge; Immanent Divinity: Divinity is within everyone & everything (Thou art God/Goddess).

…And within Immanent Divinity we acknowledge Animism.


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