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Paradise Aura Co.



Aura Photography, We produce professional Polaroid PARADISE AURA PORTRAITS™

There is an egg shaped electromagnetic light energy field (aura) surrounding and interpenetrating your physical body.
This field is composed of vibrating colored light that is of such subtle intensity that it cannot be seen by the average, untrained human eye. Using Biofeedback Sensors interfaced with The Progen 6000 Polaroid Aura Camera through state of the art aura imaging technology we can detect, amplify and display the aura in the color spectrum visible to the human eye on a 3 1/2 X 4 5/8 inch Polaroid photo.
These colors reveal what emotions, moods, thoughts and physical feelings are active in your life. Seeing and understanding your aura can produce amazing insights into your true self. A picture is truly “worth a thousand words.”


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