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We specialize in sacred plant medicine with an emphasis on local Hawaiian tropical medicinal plants. We formulate a variety of plant medicines some of which are herbal tinctures, herbal shrubs/vinegars, honeys, and teas made from local Hawaiian tropical plants as well as mainland herbs. Our herbs are wild harvested from local organic farms or organically sourced from mainland farms. Each remedy is handcrafted with love, healing energy intentions, respect for the plant and land, and contains the purest ingredients possible.

A Green Witch has a tremendous love for their green allies and so has a heart just as green. The love for life and emphasis on honoring mother earth, the giver of life and nourishment has always been what a witch is. Green Witches have always been healers and involved in only preservation of life and joy. It is with this love of nature, two sisters dreams, and there own self-healing discoveries with plant medicine that the Green Witch Apothecary began.

The Green Witch Apothecary was created by a passion to grow deep roots that would thrive into a beautiful tree of healing for all, to help conserve the earth, and educate others on the medicinal powers of the plants. The Green Witch Apothecary remedies are based on wise women traditions and sacred plant medicine practices that pay homage to the Green witches and healers before us, while honoring and respecting the land, and plant spirits that the medicine is made of. Being able to learn from, understand, and feel the benefits of the herbs and how they help assist in healing our body, mind, and spirit is a truly remarkable gift that mother earth provides us in true abundance.

Growing up as big lovers of nature, we were always connected to Mother Earth. Our parents taught us to be curious, observe, touch, feel, and listen to mother earth and all the life around us. These are the core values that we at the Green Witch Apothecary have for promoting health, and conserving nature. To teach the community and future generations to get lost in her wonder, feel the sand/earth between your toes, smell the plumeria’s and pine trees around us, and immerse yourself with the spirit of the ‘Aina’. Allow her to provide all that you need, let her teach, heal you, and guide you on this beautiful path called LIFE!