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My name is Cielo (pronounced Shello), which means Heaven or sky. I was conceived after my parents attended a Spiritual Retreat that saved their marriage, and I was named accordingly. They will have been married for 70 years in 2020.

I am an Intuitive Empath & have been blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), clairsentience (clear-sensing or feeling), claircognizance (clear-knowing) & channeling (transmission of Divine healing energy).

My Credentials Include:

Certified Professional Life Coach, 2016

Ordained Metaphysical Minister, 2018

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, 2018

Bachelor of Science – Human Services/Medical Studies, 2005

Bachelor in Metaphysical Science, 2018

Master of Arts – Management/Psychology, 2006

I am completing my Master in Metaphysical Science & will begin my Ph.D. in Metaphysical Psychology with a concentration in Relationship Dynamics.

I was always sensitive & shy growing up. I remember my father telling me that I should try to be less emotional and more logical. Little did he (or anyone else, including myself) know, I was experiencing the world like a sponge or a lint roller. I picked up everyone’s energy and emotions – all the subtleties, the unspoken truths & their unconscious behaviors. I felt things to the depths of my soul.

As an adult, my friends, family, co-workers and strangers would always gravitate towards me for advice, a shoulder to cry on & pour out their deepest, darkest secrets. I would find myself playing the role of counselor, mentor, pastor & teacher. It was both rewarding & draining at times because I did not understand how to practice self-care with my sensitive nature. I gave of myself to all who needed, and I later realized the world had so much need.

I went through my soul’s awakening in 2012 after my divorce of 17+ years of marriage. It was a 4 year journey of a lot of emotional purging, crying, seeking, healing, evolving, and transitioning: The dark night of the soul, as it were. My entire foundation: home, finances, relationships, job security, health, & sense of self had been tattered & tested to its limits.

I had lost myself some time before then, and in the journey of trying to find myself again…. I, instead, found the truth of who I am: A spiritual being on this earth having a human experience.

I was both blessed and cursed with 3 major soul connections/spiritual relationships between 2012-2016 that stretched me so far outside my comfort zone, causing excruciating yet exponential growth, healing & transformation. It served as a mirror to my human brokenness, as I glued those tiny, hidden, unconscious pieces back together.

I launched my business “Island Intuitive” in 2018 as a means to share my valuable life experiences, lessons, wisdom, spiritual gifts, and soul’s journey with others, so that they may feel empowered through their own journey of growth, healing & balancing of their mind, body & spirit. The work that I now do is a culmination of these life lessons & experiences. I knew at the time of my “valley of the shadow of death” that I was not going through all that heartache & hardship in vain – it was meant to be paid forward and shared with others: My TEST turned into MY TESTIMONY!

I believe we are all here to learn, heal, & evolve through the same life lessons of giving and receiving love, forgiveness, acceptance, attachment/detachment, dying to our ego, worthiness, self-love, insecurities, practicing inclusiveness, balancing our masculine & feminine sides, releasing expectations, identifying our patterns, our triggers, our limited beliefs … so that we may claim back the Truth of who we are & step into our Higher Selves.

We are all experiencing these life lessons in different ways – different manifestations of the same lessons, different tests, different teachers… Sometimes you are the teacher; other times you are the student. But we are all on the same journey ~ so please be kind to one another … & especially yourself.

My hope and prayer is that our work together will further you along on your soul’s journey & lead you back to the TRUTH of who you are, which is AMAZING, ABUNDANT, WHOLE, WORTHY, filled with INFINITE WISDOM & MOST OF ALL….. LOVED.

This is my calling, and I am honored to walk this sacred journey with you…

Blessings, Light & Love,



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