The Dawn of the Spiritual Entrepreneur or “Spiritualpreneur”?

The Dawn of the Spiritual Entrepreneur or “Spiritualpreneur”?

Today we are faced with a new breed of Entrepreneurs that embrace a whole range of talents, skills, and subjects. They are philosophers, wizards, gurus, practitioners, doctors, scientists, and even “whistleblowers” just to name a few main trades these individuals specialize in. We call them Spiritualpreneurs. They are involved in many ways the business of advancing consciousness and waking people up from the normal day to day grind of society causing us to look to the beyond, and even look to the stars.

They often come up with crazy ideas that most of the world thinks are on the level of mad scientist. Some create life changing devices that redefine our society and culture, while others are considered scams that are seeking to make a quick buck off of the gullible eager soul seeking something extraordinary to make their life have meaning. Some write deep philosophical, psychological, magical books while others make themselves the reincarnation of famous Egyptian deities and charge insane amounts of money for attunments and grimoires with secret magical spells that guarantee prosperity and safety. 

But what defines who is a scam and who is legit. It’s starting to sound a lot like the biblical prophecy of false prophets existing during the end times. Rightly so I think. The Bible has been such an influential book on human consciousness, probably the most influential in history. So it wouldn’t surprise me if it, like the Simpsons cartoon, has the ability to predict/create the future in some way or another. I also would go so far as to say that the book of Revelations is a direct representation of the collective subconscious mind and all of our inherent human issues. In fact I would even say (“as above, so below”) it is a direct reflection of our world and the issues we are facing today. We are currently facing the end of the world as we know it to be, and we will not make it out of the next 10 years the same. There are lots of changes that need to take place in order for us as a species to survive our destructive nature. We are in the end times of our own doing and on a cosmic scale as well. As above, so below. As it is in Heaven so it is on Earth.

So if one of our current issues as a species is false prophets and spiritual/scientific scammers, then let’s address this now. It’s great that we have so many people interested in spiritual endeavors and metaphysical sciences, however the Spiritualpreneur needs to have a certain strength in personal discernment and morality. The consumer also should have a strength in these qualities. For the immoral and unjust Spiritualpreneur only exists to balance out the gullible consumer on the grand cosmic scale. In essence the trickster can only exist if there is someone to trick. The parasite can only survive if you keep feeding it the right food. 

It is vital for the Spiritualpreneur to not get caught up in a scam themselves. Usually these trades are designed like a pyramid scheme or even a type of technology with not enough scientific testing. These scam trades can even just be based on a modern new age belief system. I am a firm believer in the scientific method, even when it comes to magick and philosophy. I think everyone, even the consumer of metaphysical products, should be thinking in terms of the scientific method and deductive reasoning.

Now I am not saying that most of the new metaphysical products on the market are scams. But I am saying that there are enough of them out there for us to address this issue before it hurts the image of our niche market for those on lookers that have an interest in alternative medicines, sciences, and spirituality. If we allow these things to continue as sellers and consumers, then we are only hurting ourselves and each other. 

What can we do about about it? Well another issue that surrounds us at the moment is “fake news”. There is so much misinformation out there on both ends of the spectrum and both sides of the court, that no one knows what’s truth and what’s false. The only way we can truly fix this spread of false information is by everyone researching and educating themselves on their subjects of interest without allowing themselves to be polarized and swayed by anyone’s opinion just because they are an influencer or appear to be successful in life. We need to remain unattached to the outcome of information we may find on any given subject. We might discover new information on any subject that proves whatever theory we have established to be currently true, to actually be false or true only on the level or plateau that we stood previously. 

Yes this can get very complicated, very fast. In fact it might be making you dizzy just thinking about how many twists may lay ahead in our future. I got news for you; it’s a lot, and due to the nature of reality… it’s a never ending pursuit for truth and advancement. How do we deal with this never ending pursuit? Wouldn’t it be tiring? Well not for the future generations. Our children will be more advanced than we, just like we are more equipped for our time than our parents before us. Those who progress the species never stop learning and growing into unstoppable knowledge accumulators and exceptional creators of our reality. 

The consumer also needs to think this way by looking at every method, practice, or technology as a stepping stone towards the future that could either be a strong foundation to stand or buckle under their foot. 

I for one am excited to see what we the human race create together for our future, and look forward to the day we reach for the stars, which is not far off. We just need to recognize the karmatic lessons we need to learn before we are deemed ready and mature enough to leave the nest by the cosmic governing forces of the universe. Let’s strive always to be open minded but also discerning and authentic as a Spiritualpreneur and a consumer.

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